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Dr. Tamara Feldman, Psy.D.
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    Couples Counseling

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Couples Therapy

Dr. Feldman provides couples therapy, individual therapy and intensive couples counseling. 

Is Couples Therapy for you?

    Do you want to...

> feel valued, understood & appreciated
> trust and be trusted
> improve communication     
> look forward to your future together    
> waste less time on pointless arguments
> rediscover fun, excitement & sexual chemistry

As an experienced therapist

Dr. Feldman will provide a thorough assessment of your needs and suggest the best treatment approach for improving your relationship.

The initial telephone consult is free of charge.

Call: 617 354 2982

Intensive Couples Therapy

is for couples who are experiencing an immediate crisis in their relationship. This may include escalating conflict, the revelation of a betrayal or infidelity, a time-sensitive problem that requires quick resolution. 
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Same-sex Couples Therapy

Gay and lesbian couples therapy is, in essence, not much different from "regular" couples counseling. Gay and lesbian couples do however often experience additional stressors, resulting from societal, work and family situations. Couples counseling for gay and lesbian partners therefore requires a therapist who has the awareness and sensitivity needed to help couples in same-sex relationships resolve their challenges.
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Dr. Tamara Feldman, Psy .D.

Dr. Feldman teaches and supervises at Tufts Medical School and The Boston Institute for Psychotherapy.

Dr. Feldman has been a featured speaker at both professional and community organizations including, the Newton and Brookline Parent-Teacher Organizations, Jefferson Medical School's Grand Rounds, the American Psychological Association, Division of Psychoanalysis, the Brookline Mental Health Center, and Massachusetts Bar Association, Family Law Section.

Dr. Feldman has enjoyed working with adults,
couples and families in Boston, Cambridge and surrounding area for over 10 years. Her offices are in Cambridge and Wellesley.